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National Council

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Roy Hattersley (Chair)

Michael Meacher MP (Vice Chair)

Tony Atkinson (Warden, Nuffield College, Oxford University)

John Chesshire
(Professor, Science Policy Research Unit, Univ of Sussex)

Nick Cohen (The Observer)

Bernard Crick (Emeritus Professor, Birkbeck College, London University)

Kevin Curran (General Secretary, GMB)

Sylvia Denton (Fellow, Royal College of Nursing)

Meghnad Desai (Professor of Economics, LSE)

Tony Dubbins (General Secretary, GPMU)

Larry Elliott (Economics Editor, The Guardian)

Ivor Gaber (Professor of Broadcast Journalism,
Goldsmith's College, London Univ.)

John Grieve Smith (Fellow, Robinson College, Cambridge University)

Barbara Gunnell (The New Statesman)

Billy Hayes (General Secretary, CWU)

Sue Himmelweit (Senior Lecturer in Economics, Open University

Kelvin Hopkins MP (Chair, Full Employment Forum)

William Keegan (Associate Editor, The Observer)

Michael Kitson (Lecturer, Judge Institute of Management Studies,
University of Cambridge)

Isobel Lindsay (Lecturer in Department of Government, Strathclyde University)

Ruth Lister (Professor of Social Policy, Loughborough University)

David Marquand (Professor of Modern History, Mansfield College, Oxford University)


Doreen Massey (Professor of Geography, Open University)

Jonathan Michie (Professor of Management, Birkbeck College, London University)

George Monbiot (The Guardian)

Bill Morris (General Secretary, TGWU)

Anne Phillips (Professor of Gender Theory, London School of Economics, London University)

Allyson Pollock (Professor of Health Policy and Health Services, School of Public Policy, University College London)

Dave Prentis (General Secretary, UNISON)

Mark Seddon (Editor, Tribune)

Derek Simpson (General Secretary, Amicus)

Adam Swift (Balliol College, Oxford University)

Robert Taylor (journalist and author)


Peter Townsend (Visiting Professor of Social Policy, LSE)

Hilary Wainwright (Editor, Red Pepper)

Stuart Weir (Senior Research Fellow, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex)

Stuart White (Jesus College, Oxford)


Richard Wilkinson (Professor of Social Epidemiology, University of Nottingham Medical School)

Fiona Williams (Professor of Social Policy, Leeds University)

Director: Martin McIvor

Chair of Board of Management: John Underwood

Vice Chair of Board of Management: Mike Watts

Research Associates: Richard Burgon, Richard Douglas, Kevin Hickson,
Graham Hobbs
, Ben Jackson, Catherine Needham, Paul Segal

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