Nuclear Power

About Nuclear Power


Nuclear power refers to energy that is produced by nuclear fission. The latter generates heat which in turn is used to produce electricity. Nuclear power accounts for about 6% of the total world’s energy production and about 14% of all electricity generated. Besides powering nuclear power plants, nuclear power is also used to propel ships, in the first place submarines.

Nuclear power is a subject of major controversy, mainly due to the Chernobyl disaster in the 1980s and the recent Fukushima catastrophe. In the UK, nine plants are currently operating but the Magnox plant is scheduled to be closed in 2014. In 1997, nuclear power plants generated 26% of the nation’s electricity but the percentage dropped to 16% by year 2009. Due to the rising demand for energy and the efforts to lower the UK’s carbon footprint, the Government approved construction of new nuclear power plants.

Advantages of Nuclear Power

Disadvantages of Nuclear Power