Why Alternative Energy

What is Alternative Energy


Alternative energy can be defined as an alternative to the traditional types of energy. But the term typically refers to alternatives to fossil fuels which have undesired effects on both the environment and economy. Types of alternative energy such as wood and nuclear power are not really alternative unless they are used to replace fossil fuel burning.

Why Fossil Fuels Need an Alternative

Environmental issues

Fossil fuels, especially coal and oil have a devastating effect on the environment. Both release huge amounts of carbon dioxide when burned, while increased levels of this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere are thought to be responsible for the current climate change. The most carbon emissions are produced by the energy sector for electricity generation. Households emissions make up about one fifth of the national average, mainly due to heating. The UK’s home owners are therefore encouraged to consider low carbon heating technologies such as wood burning stoves which are both environmentally friendly and reasonably priced. Current heating systems can be maintained by a specialised company. Reputable companies can offer advice on the best heating solution for you home. Solar panels are even more desirable but they are unfortunately unaffordable for the majority of population. Consider buying organic foods which have a zero carbon footprint and plant based products as well as using widespread governmental rubbish removal service which is then recycled and used for energy provision.

The threat of energy crisis

Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy which means that we will run out of supply one fine day. How much fossil fuel is still available and how long the supply will be able to meet the rising demand for energy remains a matter of debate. But according to some calculations, peak oil has already been reached. This means that oil production is expected to decline in the near future which in turn will cause a serious energy crisis if we are not prepared.

Energy security

Just like the rest of the world, the UK is dependent on fossil fuels which makes it vulnerable in terms of energy security. Political instability in the largest oil producing countries, increased competition for energy resources, manipulation of energy supplies and natural disasters are only a few of many threats to the established energy supply system. And any disruption in energy supply would have devastating consequences for the economy and even national security.


The current global economy is based on cheap energy the days of which, however, are long gone. And considering the increased demand for energy by the developing economies along with the projections of global population growth, the prices of fossil fuel will further rise in the future. Alternative energy is thus the only solution to provide the industry and households the needed energy at the lowest price possible.